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Best Dildos and Vibrators

7 Best Dildos And Vibrators

Updated: Jan 17, 2018 / By Karen / Toys

Deciding which is the best dildo to buy is never easy. If it’s your first time purchase, you’re probably not even sure where to begin! There are so many questions to be answered. What shape is best? What size will fit? Should it vibrate or not? Aaah! Daunting.

We’re lucky to live in age where we’re spoiled for choice. Big retailers are packing everything from remote control bullets to seriously realistic penises. There’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy, so let us help cut through the plethora of shapes and sizes and bring only the best to your attention.

Best Dildos And Vibrators For The Money

NameOur Rating
LOVENSE Lush Remote Control Bullet Vibrator
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LOVENSE Nora Rabbit Vibrator
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IMO Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager
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Lyps G Spot Vibrator Stimulator
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Utimi Silicone 10 Speed G Spot Vibrator
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Sexflesh Rebellious Ryan
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PALOQUETH Realistic Dildo
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There’s a vast range of toys out there to choose from so finding the best for you is never going to be an easy task.

We’ve looked at each of the products listed above in a little more depth to help you out a bit. Below are the best dildos and vibrators for intense orgasms.

LOVENSE Lush Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

If you aren’t already familiar with LOVENSE, you need to be. They were responsible for pioneering the first two-way sex toys back in 2013 and have been the best in the interactive sex toy industry since. Their toys opened up a bright new world of partner play and they’ve been perfecting them to this day.

This remote control bullet vibrator is Bluetooth operated and stays connected at distances up to 30ft. It allows for two phones to control it at once and can even by synced with your music. It’s an absolutely mind-blowing experience to feel the vibration patterns altered by a partner or even by the beat of your favorite songs.

The LOVENSE Lush offers a unique sensation that we are yet to see rivaled. A definite naughty treat and the best device imaginable for misbehaving discreetly in public.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/LOVENSE-Lush-Powerful-Bluetooth-Vibrator/dp/B0176AGVF4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XFB876R6VCZ1JEAY89SY&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=988472117212a68e124e60df7e02796d”]

LOVENSE Nora Rabbit Vibrator

The Nora Rabbit Vibrator is hands down the best dual-stimulation device we’ve tried.

Together with the rotating head the changing patterns in the clit arm make for a really intense experience and some of the best orgasms available. The vibration is surprisingly strong and it has the same music-syncing capabilities as the Lush above.

We didn’t really see the benefits of remote control in the same way as with the Lush (because it’s not exactly discreet!), but nevertheless it’s an added bonus when used with a partner.

A real gem and the standout contender amongst the best penetrative vibrators.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/LOVENSE-Nora-Rabbit-Vibrator-Exploration/dp/B01AL3Y0K6/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01AL3Y0K6&pd_rd_r=KDCSHSG2P7V82FVAX3FM&pd_rd_w=XBUfx&pd_rd_wg=wZBd7&psc=1&refRID=KDCSHSG2P7V82FVAX3FM&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=3cbfcb7959484780bd17ea17fcd73a16″]

IMO Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager

The Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager by IMO really packs a punch for such a pretty looking toy.

The shape is perfect for reaching the sensitive areas inside and providing plentiful coverage of the clitoris. It’s nicely sized for beginners and provides thorough stimulation to both areas with varying pulsing vibrations. The device is rechargeable and the best part is that the battery lasts forever.. seriously, you can have hours of fun out of a single charge.

It’s an absolute steal compared to the more expensive options on our “best of” list and would be a definite five star rating if not for the lack of remote control capability we saw with the LOVENSE toys.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/IMO-Vibrating-G-spot-Rabbit-Massager/dp/B01GWN4O82/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1507904661&sr=1-33&keywords=vibrator&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=fc52644f96b5721360d9027bd3a92f3f”]

Lyps G Spot Vibrator Stimulator

Lyps are an established manufacturer of women’s sex toys and they’ve produced an absolute gem once again.

The powerful vibrations have made this model a big favorite and it’s no surprise. It’s soft to touch but keeps it’s shape well and is a really solid feeling product all round. Sleek and simple design makes it pretty to look at but it’s definitely not be underestimated. Best value for money sex toy around.

Purple power!

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/Vibrator-Stimulator-Vagina-Things-Couples/dp/B01DGHXA0K/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1507904564&sr=1-15&keywords=dildo&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=ec03bf349aa52bb06f7f4dba2eb3a28c”]

Utimi Silicone 10 Speed G Spot Vibrator

Utimi’s G Spot Vibrator is a total steal for the price.

The vibrator is roughly 9 inches long in total and about an inch and a half in diameter, but it’s surprisingly flexible so it’s perfect for beginners. You get a considerable amount of vibration options too for what is essentially a very cheap sex toy.

It seemed the quietest out of the vibrators we tried, so it’s a good choice for those who might need to be discreet at night time.

Definitely worth a try.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/Upgraded-Silicone-Clitoris-Vibrating-Vibrator/dp/B00QBY93VQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1507904626&sr=1-1&keywords=vibrator&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=c4770c6d97a358c7d8d9acbbfc058327″]

Sexflesh Rebellious Ryan

Lets take things up a notch. Rebellious Ryan is definitely not for beginners. At 9 inches in length and 1.85 inches in diameter, it’s best described as a bit of monster.

Lifecast dildos from SexFlesh are renowned for their quality build and realistic appearance. We also loved that the thickness increases further down the shaft, it provides a very realistic feeling and is a design that we don’t see enough of.

Four stars because it’s so exciting that your jaw is bound to drop when you first get your hands around it.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/Sexflesh-Rebellious-Ryan-Dildo-Suction/dp/B005PQLV8O/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1507904564&sr=1-5&keywords=dildo&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=6b20661f033b1d8b55f4fef03b83809b”]

PALOQUETH Realistic Dildo

Let’s start by saying that at the time of writing, this is an Amazon best seller.

It’s a perfect option for beginners who would prefer a dildo to a vibrator, being only 6.7 inches in length (about 5 and a half of which are insertable). It feels very realistic to touch and also has a suction cup which makes for effortless play during shower-time.

We wanted to rate this higher, but a plain old dildo simply can’t compete with the range of features and added stimulation by the newer luxury models. Three and a half stars but only because of the stiff competition.

[maxbutton id=”2″ url=”https://www.amazon.com/PALOQUETH-Realistic-Beginners-Suction-Vaginal/dp/B06XSZ5F9V/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1507904564&sr=1-2&keywords=dildo&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=thepleasurela-20&linkId=30c9a401942f10e77b17b9b4749140c2″]

Buying The Right Sex Toy

Are you new to the world of self pleasure? Maybe you and your significant other are looking for new ways to spice up things in the bedroom? Lucky for you, in today’s era, there are many options on the market. When first introducing new toys, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind, such as primary focus, (do you want more clitoral stimulation, or G-Spot, or even whether or not you want to use it vaginally or anally). The material, are you into silicon, glass or another material? Size, if you’re new, you may want to start with something smaller and gradually work your way up to what gives you the most pleasure. Style and strength, if you are choosing a vibrator, it’s best to find something that meets all the previous requirements while also staying within your budget.

With all the options out there, there is sure to be something to fit your needs/wants, and price range. If you are looking for more excitement in the bedroom with your partner, there may be a whole new set of options for you to consider. What is your partner comfortable doing to you, and having done to them? What are their hard limits, and what are yours? The biggest hurdle is communication. One thing that may help best, is shopping together.

By shopping together, you are able to not only browse together to make the final determination, but you can figure out what each other like, or dislike. You could start out by a little “Q & A” session, asking things like, “Do you like when I do this… or even simply stating “I like when you do this or that.” Toys being used together shouldn’t be seen as “dirty” but rather, may be looked at as an opportunity to strengthen not only the intimate bond you share, but also to improve your communication skills.

A Brief History

When you are considering using toys to spice things up, or even to combat those “lonely” nights, its often best to go back to the basics. Did you know that the worlds oldest dildo on record was found in a cave in Germany, and dates back to the Upper Palaeolithic period, 30,000 years ago? Through the years, I think it’s fair to say we’ve made some significant advances in the style and materials.

Moving along to the 21st Century, we now have them in all shapes, sizes, color, and varying speeds for vibrations. In addition to this, we also have them available in a wide range of either solo shafts, shafts with additional clitoral or anal stimulation (depending on which way it is turned), double headed for joint enjoyment, single bullet style primarily focusing on clitoral stimulation, you name it, I’m sure there is one out there.

Finding The Right Size Dildo

If you are new to toys, this is probably the MOST important thing you need to be aware of when shopping. You wouldn’t want to try anything akin to shoving a baseball into a garden hose after-all. To begin with you may want to choose a more slender design and work your way up. This will allow you to work towards your comfort level, without blowing it out of the water. When I first started using toys, I chose to begin with something that was approximately 2″ in diameter and about 6 inches long. For me, I found that I preferred deeper penetration in the long run, and something with a little more girth, so I now actually use a 6″ by 8″ and achieve maximum satisfaction. It differs from person to person but you should always start a little on small side.

The Styles Available

As previously mentioned, there are many styles available for both solo and team play. This could begin with something as simple as a your basic straight dildo that doesn’t look like much, all the way to the most realistic looking of toy. For couples, there are cock rings, which provide pleasure for both partners, with some having removable bullets, for dual use. You can also find single bullets which are great for clitoral stimulation, and can be used by hand or may come with a “panty” style harness.

Something you may also consider is a “strap-on” which can be worn like underwear, and includes varying dildo’s or vibrators that connect for maximum pleasure. If these aren’t in your taste, you may also find different models of vibrators that provide the pleasure you seek. This can be as simple as a basic shaft, that features different levels of vibration, or even more advanced ones that can spin and also include various vibrating speeds. Perhaps, you want double penetration for yourself and your partner simultaneously. For this purpose you could use a “double hitter” which is a dildo on both ends. Perhaps you like shower sex, luckily for you they even make ones that have suction cups on the bottom that can mount to either the shower wall, or floor, which are taughted as giving the “maximum” experience.


Like with any product we purchase, the price will play a big factor. You can pick up smaller sex toys, such as bullets, for as cheap as 2 or 3 dollars, but there are also some that will reach into the hundreds of dollars, and come with all the bells and whistles. Now if you are like me during solo play, you just want to get “there” and won’t need all the bells and whistles. During team play, those might be beneficial to both in not only extending play time, but also in increasing the sensation you feel when you do “get there”.

Choosing The Material

This is very important. You may think, “This looks like it fits my needs, and is in my price range, so why not?”. Well, the thing is some materials such as silicon, warm to your body temp fairly quickly, and are non-porous, meaning they won’t trap dust and other particles, things that may eventually compromise the make up of the toy and lead to it being useless. With silicon, you can easily wash them with soap and water. These also work well with water based lubricants, although oil based may cause it to weaken and tear easily.

Next you have glass. Like silicon, these are easily cleaned, but may take longer to warm up to body temperature, however a slight chill can often make things a bit more exciting! Also in line are wood toys. these are porous, so extreme care is needed when cleaning in order to prevent things like mold and mildew build up. Usually with porous toys, it is recommended that you throw them out after 6 months or so.

Another material often used is Jelly. These are much “softer” than most dildos, but are also porous, and will require a thorough cleaning. When using porous toys, it is often recommended that you use a condom, to reduce the amount of particles your toy is exposed to.

The final two materials commonly used for the manufacturing of dildo’s and vibrators include cyberskin/softskin and rubber. Cyberskin/softskin is relatively new on the market, but boasts being “as close to the real thing without having it”. It is very soft to the touch, smooth, and flexible. This, like silicon, warms to body temp pretty quickly, although they too are porous, and it is recommended they be used with condoms. In addition, they are easily cleaned, with just soap and water, and can be patted dry and stored immediately. Finally, rubber toys, are inexpensive and porous. Like with others, it is recommended that you clean them extremely well, but also to aid in the cleaning, use a condom.


In closing, there are numerous options available. And just like everyday life, there are many options available on the market to fit your needs. It just boils down to what you prefer and how you prefer to use that choice. No one person can tell you exactly what you need/want in your first dildo/vibrator, rather, it comes down to a trial and error process. Finding the perfect fit for you, should be based on what you do and don’t like, although sometimes, pointers can be good. When you first start out, you may not know what each item you look at does, so as with anything worth buying, do your research. Find the best fit for you, and go from there. Just make sure that you are happy with it. As humans, we are constantly changing, and so too are our tastes. This may mean something you like and enjoy today may not do the trick tomorrow. Or maybe its been a long day, and you just want to quickly climax, I’m certain there is a toy out there for that express need.

Personally, my spouse and I have nights (and days too!) when we enjoy the benefits of having our own personal stash of toys. And there are nights when we are happy with it being just the two of us. In our “treasure trove” we have a number of things, but some of the favorites are his penis pump, and cock rings, my plug in vibrator that has approximately 90 bajillion settings it seems, and then we have a few bullets, including our favorite for date night that is bluetooth operated. This as a couple leads to some pretty interesting trips home, as he can control it from his phone (wowzers!) When we first began to experiment with toys, we were completely overwhelmed (as I’m sure you are) by the amount of products on the market.

Through trial and error, we found the items that we love, and I’ve even found a few for solo play that I can’t live without. My husband travels quite a bit for work, so sometimes, all we need is the excitement of him coming home from a long week of being away. But there are times while he is gone that either he craves that solo release, or I crave it myself. And in those instances, we have yet another trove of toys for each of those specific occasions. For men, there are “pocket pussies” which can, like vibrators and dildos, be found in a wide variance, and of course take some time getting used to what does it for each different person. When we first began doing our research, there were some that quite honestly, turned my stomach. But you just keep pushing through until finally you find it. You may get lucky and find it on your first trip, but then again it may also take a few trips. Just don’t get discouraged.

If all else fails, and your partner isn’t available to shop with you for couples play, you might try to start on the lower end of the variance and slowly introduce new items. You could start with a personal massager, and let them introduce it. For example start by simply turning it on and allowing them to massage your breasts or stomach. Hell, even your massaging your back can lead to something more. One thing I did learn with personal experience, is that you have to be comfortable, and allow your body to relax in order to gain maximum pleasure. If you are tense and rigid, things won’t go smoothly, and you may end up regretting the experience altogether, and that could completely put you off of toys.

If your partner was the one to bring up this type of play, and you had never considered it, try to have an open mind. This is the best advice anyone could give. Take your time, and be open to trying new things. Sometimes, we even find that by stepping outside of our own “comfort zone” we find things that drive us wild, or we enjoy immensely.

Don’t let the variance or pressure to try any one thing overwhelm you. And don’t rush yourself! Take your time, and eventually, you will find the things that work for you. Even if at first you feel nervous and tense, eventually you will find what you like. And when you do, your body and mind will relax, and it’s possible it can take you to places that, even you, never imagined it could go. Try building up your excitement then backing off a little bit, before you go full throttle again. You never know, it just might be your cup of tea, and lead to further experimentation in the future. While keeping in mind your price range, just go for it, you never know that something new might just be the thing that does it for you!!

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