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Penis Pumps: Do they really work?

Updated: Dec 8, 2017 / By Craig / Toys

Do you like most men, find yourself looking to get the most out of your erection, but occasionally suffer from an inability to get it up? While pills and male enhancement supplements might give you a helping hand, you might be in need of something a little more thorough.

Well look no further! This is a guide to the benefits of penis-pump use and a look at just how effective they are.

What Are Penis Pumps?

If by some miracle you’ve made it this far in life without being exposed to penis pump advertisements, then we’ll explain them quickly. In the simplest terms, it’s a device used to help encourage and increase the hardness your erection. This is achieved by placing your penis into a “vacuum” and using a number of methods to increase your blood flow to your organ. In the most basic models, this involves using a medium to large sized plastic tube, fitted with a silicon sleeve on one end, and a small tube connected at the opposite end very similar to the tubing you would find on a blood pressure cuff. On the higher end of the line, you may find devices that are battery powered, you simply insert your penis and flip a switch and there you have it.

Yep, seriously, its that easy!

What About Sizing?

This is a rather simple and straight forward answer. Any pump is going to work to achieve the same result, and often, at least in this case, size DOESN’T matter. All devices have the same basic function…. getting your dick hard! One thing that does matter here, is your comfort level, as the vacuum force is different with each. Perhaps you are looking for something that will give a gentle tug on your fella, to get him where he needs to be, without too much provocation. In other cases, you might be looking for something with a bit more pull, or perhaps the roughness is what makes your soldier stand at attention to begin with. In this case, you would want something that you can adjust the settings to allow stronger or softer enhancement.

Just How Effective Are Penis Pumps?

This varies from user to user. One way to ensure your pump gets your dick harder than you could imagine, is to understand your expectations, and shop accordingly. For example, if your guy used to greet you in the mirror every morning but now only stares at your feet, you may want to shop for something with a little more “power”. However, if your guy is still performing to your expectations, only with a small delay at the start, you may simply need a gentle coaxing and this would only require the most basic of pumps to achieve. Personally, I find that I often need a bit of coaxing, especially if I’ve had a long hard day at work. So even though I will be ready and totally in the mood, my guy often needs a bit of a helping hand to get up to standards.

Penis pumps work for me and for thousands of others, but I think it’s important not to expect any miracles (it does nothing for me when I’m drunk!).

Using Penis Pumps To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

In some cases however, it may be that you do find yourself simply unable to obtain the long sought after erection. If this sounds like you, then it’s likely a basic run of the mill pump may not rise to the occasion.You may want something a little more stout. You might find a mid-higher end pump that works, but that the results aren’t lasting as long as you would like. In these situations there are a few things you could try that might work. Try using your pump to achieve the girth, length, and hardness you prefer, and pair it with a cock ring. This essentially creates a blood flow restriction, allowing blood to enter your dick, but preventing it from leaving until you have completed the job.

Committing To Purchasing

When we first began considering the pump, I wasn’t completely sure about it. I shamefully admit that felt as if by not being able to always get hard on my own took away from my own manhood somehow. However, my inability to perform on demand led to me wanting to talk it through with my wife and look at options to improve the circumstances. As a couple we discussed our expectations of each other during the times it was needed, and what we expected from the pump.

Together we came to the conclusion that all we need was the occasional helping hand. If like me, you want to give your partner the best of your erection, but find it a little difficult on your own, a pump is definitely worth trying. You have nothing to lose by trying and quite a lot to gain in terms of sexual fulfillment for both you and your partner.

When shopping, price is always a factor, but there are ways to ensure the most “bang” for your buck. You need to fully understand your expectations. Do you just want to get rock hard? Shop for lower end basic pumps. Do you want all the bells and whistles, shop higher end. Do you find yourself feeling like you will be judged and have your man card revoked for even considering the idea of purchasing a pump? Then rest assured we live in a wonderful time of internet! By shopping online, you can compare side by side the different pumps available, as well as read the reviews o and the descriptions to ensure you get just what you are looking for. Most online stores offer to ship and bill discreetly, thereby leaving your pride safe and intact, with no one any the wiser about it.

Some Common Concerns

I’ve been asked in the past if the horror stories of guys getting stuck in the vacuum tubes are true. Let’s nip this one in the bud nice and early, regardless of the make, rest assured that each device has a release valve. This allows you to release the vacuum seal created, which releases the pressure, and prevents unnecessary stretching or your member.

Cleaning is often another concern, but penis pumps are relatively easy to care for, only requiring basic washing with soap and water. Eventually, you may notice that the silicon parts may begin to break down a little. With the wide variety of products available on the market, you can often find the replacement parts for cheap, and thereby extend the life of your product rather than being forced into purchasing a new one.

Something else that may not have considered is premature ejaculation. The initial stimulation from the more powerful devices available could potentially excite you a little too much. Thankfully, there are some products available to help with this situation. Consider trying out a numbing condom to help you go that extra mile, you can head over to our post on the best condoms for lasting longer to read more.

The Benefits Of Using A Penis Pump

Using a penis pump can work to strengthen your muscles around that area, improving blood flow permanently, allowing for longer, harder erections.

While you may not think about it, the proven benefits to urinary flow are also helpful in achieving a successful erection. Many studies have shown that if you experience lower urinary tract complications, it may also affect your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Just keep in mind that if you experience any burning or difficulty when urinating, its probably best to seek medical attention. This isn’t only the symptoms of various STD’s, but can also be a sign of both urinary tract infections and bladder or kidney problems. Also, if you experience pain in your abdomen or blood in your urine, this may be a sign of kidney stones. This in itself may make achieving erection not only difficult to achieve, but painful to maintain. Any medical concerns should be addressed before you attempt to use a penis pump.

The biggest benefit I’ve found from using a penis pump is the confidence it gives you. It really was life changing for me, being able to put the disappoint of failing to arrive at erection in the past. My natural ability has been given a bit of a boost because I’m now free of the anxiety men can face when struggling to get it up.

Solving Your Erection Issues Without A Penis Pump

Sometimes, as men, we begin to notice that our penile function is decreasing and are unable to determine a cause. For many this can prove to be a source of great stress, but it shouldn’t. Most often, there are easily found sources of our dilemma and you should address these directly before turning to devices to help.

If it’s been a complication for a short period, you might need to look at your lifestyle to determine if something has changed. Believe it or not there are several easily resolved things that could be causing you trouble.

Do you find yourself overly stressed? Between work, family, and social interactions, it’s fairly easy to become overly stressed. You could try finding a few minutes to yourself every day and doing something you enjoy such as golfing, or even just reading your favorite graphic novels, or magazines. A side effect of stress is the release of adrenaline and cortisole. Now you may think that adrenaline is a good thing, but in this context it acts as an agent that narrows your blood vessels and result in a shorter erection. Have you ever been nervous about hooking up with someone and noticed the inability to follow through? This is because anxiety also produces adrenaline and causes difficulty maintaining an erection.

Are you overweight? This can also be a determining factor! When a man is overweight, one of the less obvious side effects is a lowering of natural testosterone levels. By joining a gym, or even find a buddy to run with in either the morning or evening to get into better shape, you can get your testosterone levels increase once more, and be fully able to obtain your previous glory.

Hell, maybe you are just drinking or smoking more. Both of these actions will also have an effect on your penile health and may result in either loss of stamina, or ability to maintain an erection. Most of the time, we think that drinking loosens us up, and allows us to act in ways that normally we wouldn’t, and while this will allow for increased blood flow to your penis, over time, excessive drinking may lead to impotence, or at bare minimum difficulty achieving and maintaining erection.

Our Conclusion

In closing, penis pumps can be a (sex) life saver. If you maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, refrain from smoking, watch your alcohol intake and get a good nights rest then you should have healthy penile function. If you do however find yourself considering a helping hand, know that penis pumps are available, and will definitely put the steel back into your Johnson!

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